Thursday, December 17, 2009


Date : August 2009-10

CRT, in partnership with Bijapur and Shimoga Universities, is training post-graduate students from various departments on Child Rights.

4 consultations were to be held in an academic year in each university.

Bijapur University: 3 consultations have been completed in the university for students from women’s studies, Social work, sociology, kannada, economics and political science. About 500 students have been trained through these workshops which are held over two days.

One consultation remains to be completed.

Shimoga University: 1 consultation has been held with 3 more in the anvil. All four consultations are for the Social Work Department students.

Methodology: The workshops are designed to be interactive and participatory methods like games and activities are used extensively. The participants are encouraged to think and arrive at conclusions on their own with the aid of some theoretical inputs from us.
An assignment is also given at the end of day 1 on which the students themselves make a presentation on day 2.

CRT believes that sensitising students and youth is vital towards realizing child rights. Many of these students, especially from Social Work, end up working in the development sector. Hence, orienting them on the importance of child rights becomes paramount.

For the many students who may not make a career of child rights, their partnership as civil society members in ensuring rights reach all children is crucial. An apt example in this regard would be the effort on the part of the some of the students who tried preventing a child marriage post the workshop.

The youngsters’ enthusiasm and sensitivity through these workshops has been extremely heartening to see. Many students have considered doing their thesis/dissertation on a child rights related topic.

With the encouraging response from the students and the faculty at these universities, we hope to continue this initiative with many more college and university students.

Universities/colleges interested in conducting similar workshops can contact us at 080-41138285 or email us on . Contact Person: Mr. Vasudev Sharma or Mr. Nagasimha.G.Rao

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