Thursday, December 17, 2009


BBMP Pre-election advocacy by Campaign against Child Labour (CACL)*

Date: 29th October, 2009

That the BBMP elections were announced and were subsequently postponed again and again is an issue everyone is well aware of. In the process, projects envisioned for the citizens’ welfare are being impacted negatively with no one to spearhead them. The effect of this is felt the most by children, who are amongst the voiceless citizens of the city. Making the city child-friendly requires that projects are well planned keeping the demands of children in mind.

Children’s population in Bangalore stands at 20 lakhs. While they may have no direct say in the election process, they have a direct influence on their parents who exercise their children’s right to express through their own votes.

On behalf of the member organisations of CACL-Bangalore chapter, a pre-election advocacy campaign was undertaken to urge the political parties and contesting candidates to recognize this and place the demands of these young citizens of Bangalore in their manifestos.

With a comprehensive list of demands in place, the CACL team (APD, SICHREM, Sathi, APSA, Paraspara, ILP, ILO, CDF, CRT, Anantha Seva Trust, CPU, MSW students, BRIDGE network, Gilgal Foundation, TRUST Network, Mythri Sarva Seva Samithi and volunteers) along with media persons, visited the party offices of Congress, Lok Satta, BSP and JD(S) on 29th October to hand over these demands. Due to political in-fighting in BJP, no party representative was available to receive them and we were advised to meet them on a later date.

All the parties pledged their support and assured that they would look into the demands.

With the BBMP elections now being announced to be held in January, the team will be following up with the parties to see if these demands have been included in their manifestos.

Along with including the demands, the expectation is that the emerging elected party follows through on them and is held accountable to the promises made.

*Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL): is a network of NGOs working for the development of children and upholding child rights across the country.

For a complete list of the demands made or a detailed report of the visit to the party offices, please contact Child Rights Trust (CACL Bangalore convener)
Ph: 080-41138285


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TOWARDS A CHILD-FRIENDLY BANGALORE <-- that's what i was looking for