Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Intern Speaks

I began working in Child Rights Trust (CRT) on 13th April 2010. The experience from then has been very impactful. I say impactful because at every stage there was something new to learn and realize about the society in which we live. We as students tend to believe what the media depicts or wishes to tell us, but we realize the harsh realities our country faces only when we work with organizations dealing with such issues. Child rights trust has been one such organization which has given me many opportunities to understand the issues faced by our society. 

Adhunika participating in a campaign against child labour on ''Anti-child labour day"

I am extremely grateful to the CRT team for letting me be a part of their organization for this short period and teaching me so much about children and child rights with so much of interest and allowing me to visit so many places and meetings even though I was just a 1st year student.

Prior to this internship, I honestly did not know much about child rights, and that the situation was this bad, or that organizations like CRT were doing such good work to benefit children both directly and indirectly (through conducting awareness campaigns, seminars and training sessions for teachers, Gram Panchayats etc.).

I would also like to make a special mention to the staff of CRT who translated everything from Kannada to English just because I had difficulty in understanding it and also for making me feel as though I was a part of the organization from a long time.

I am sure that the knowledge and the experience that I have gained here will always be with me and the memories I am taking with me from here would always be cherished.