Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Motivation Session on POCSO for effective intervention with ChildLine team

CRT organized the capacity building workshop with ChildLine team of Bengaluru for effective intervention of the cases. Mr.B.T. Venkatesh conducted the session on 17th August 2016 at BOSCO Yuvodaya. Session was included the challenges, court procedure. 

Bengaluru ChildLine team were actively participated in the session.  Team raised the practical challenges before the resource person and Mr.B.T.Venkatesh addressed and motivated the team for effective intervention. Team felt that it was a good session.  

Friday, July 22, 2016

 Mr. Louis- Georges Arsenault, India representative, Unicef was here in Bengaluru, specially to congratulate and thank Karnataka legislatures, who showed interest in establishing a unique forum- Karnataka Legislative Forum For Child Rights (KLFCR) way back in 2010. He also expressed his gratitude to the present members of the forum who are keen towards issues relating to children and  lending a support in Upholding Every Right for Every Child.

He appreciated the initiatives of the forum and specially thanked the speaker Sri D H Shankaramurthy for providing time specially to discuss issues relating to Children during the sessions.
He also praised the efforts of KCRO in conducting Child Rights Parliament across the state and a interactive session between children of the state and Chief Minister of the state. 

During the meeting along with Sri D H Shankaramurthy, Capt. Ganesh Karnik, Co Convener, KLFCR, MS. Motamma, MLC, Ms. Tara, MLC, Ms. Shashikala Jolle, MLC Ms. Ruth Leano, Head Unicef office for AP, Telangana nd Kanatka , Mr. Prosun Sen, Advocacy and Communication Specialist, Unicef office for AP, Telangana and Karnataka, Mr. Soni Kutti George  Mr. Vasudeva Sharma, KCRO, state Convenor, Dr. Padmini, trustee CRT and others were present.