Tuesday, December 18, 2007

About Us and What We are About

Our Vision: Every Right for Every Child

Our Mission
To endeavour to protect and promote all the inherent and indivisible rights of children whoever and wherever they are.

Our Aims
  • To achieve and to consolidate the rightful position of children in general to the benefits and services to which they are entitled as children, and to a healthy and safe environment which is their due as human beings;
  • To endeavor to protect, maintain and develop children’s inherent right to peaceful existence and quality of life to which they are entitled;
  • To sensitize civil society and the authorities on child rights;
  • To carry out statistical research and research in social sciences relevant to children and their families;
  • To secure the effective use of the legal process to remedy children’s grievances.
Scope and Coverage
The scope of CRT’s activities is all over India, with a special focus on the south. Its field activities are mainly in Karnataka, while its training and support are available nationally.

* Registered under 12(A) and 80 G of the IT Act India (Granting Income tax exemption)
Child Rights Trust is a public charitable organisation which works for and with children, without distinction of religion, caste, creed, gender or social status.