Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Rural Children's Library Project

A Rural Children's Library Project

Following the evident success of the Chaglatti Children's Library, CRT wanted to start a project to spread the idea to more areas. With funds from the Maggie Black Trust, U.K., the project started in Bellary district in June 2011 with NGO partners who showed keen interest in running such libraries in rural areas.

CRT's role is to train the NGOs for a year in:

  • Initial set of children's books, graded as per the Hippocampus method.

  • Training about children's library management, children's participation and child rights.

  • Periodic evaluation and follow up of all libraries

  • Library exhibitions.

  • Distribution of child-friendly books to children to create in them an interest in reading.

  • Remuneration to the librarian (for 1 year).

  • Establishing network with libraries in other parts of the state.

Role and responsibilities of NGOs:

  • NGOs that are willing to start such libraries should provide separate room for library.

  • Make sure that a minimum of 30 children are registered as members to start with.

  • Appoint one person for library management among the staff member.

  • Collect more books from donors regularly.

  • Send the activity report to CRT on monthly basis.

  • Give publicity about the library and collect books for the library with the co-operation of children.

  • Ensure that the library is managed by the children with the guidance of adults.

  • Let the children decide the name of the library.

  • Should contact CRT for any needed books, training infrastructure etc.

Project Activities to date:

Ten NGOs are participating in this project including one from Dharwad district. A Children's Library Management workshop was first conducted for them in July this year. The participants were oriented on grading of books, administration of libraries and financial management etc.

The book distribution program was held in September. When the trained librarians came to collect the books, they were once again oriented about maintaining the library and grading the books. Right now, there are 400 books in every library. Half the libraries haveopened and are functioning, while the inauguration functions of the rest are due soon.

Half the libraries have opened and are functioning while the others are being prepared for their imminent inauguration.

Half the libraries have opened and are functioning while the others are being prepared for their imminent inauguration.