Wednesday, February 10, 2016

kalpaneyinda Sadhyateyedege- Divisional level tranining series

When a person is well informed/ trained on the subject which he/she is working, productivity always goes up. Same way a grassroots worker, working directly with the Child can perform his/her work with much efficiency, only when he/she is aware of Child Rights and allied issues. Though NGO personnel are doing their best to make our society child friendly, knowing the law, policy, acts and issues pertaining to children for sure will boost their ability and spirit.  

 But it so happens in the field that, most of the staff/ NGO personnel will not have much knowledge about Children and Child related issues. This could be because of lack of training or organisations  or inability to provide training  as it is an expensive job and lack of funding to make training accessible to freshers as experienced quite the job.

To over come this problem and to make training accessible at affordable price, CRT began training series under the banner Kalpaneyinda Sadhyateyedege. Initially we conducted training at Bengaluru, later on to reach more number of participants we started to conduct training at each division in the state.

After conducting 15 training on various topics allied to Child rights in Bngaluru, we moved on to various divisions and conducted 4 training in 3 division. This time through our training we intended to make schools child friendly. Module was developed with a focus on teachers, BRP, CRP, education department etc. Child Friendly school- A reality.

Through this training we could reach about 150 members, which included Teachers, BRP, CRP, NGO members, people from Education department, parents etc. In association with CIVIC, Bengaluru, Kids , Dharwad , Radio active Bengaluru we could successfully conduct  Friendly school- A reality training series in all the 3 divisions.

Training @ Dharwad

Training held @ Bengaluru

Training @ Dhavangere
                                                            Media coverage about our Training
News coverage about our Training Series

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