Sunday, July 19, 2009

Volunteer with CRT: Opportunities and What to expect

Volunteers and the spirit they bring makes a huge difference to NGOs everywhere. NGOs, normally working on tight budgets and small teams, looks towards volunteers to bring in enthusiasm, skill, creativity, and diversity.

CRT, over the years, have had volunteers/interns from many walks of life and countries (Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Poland, China, and Malaysia). We also have a steady stream of social work students doing their block placement with CRT.

CRT believes that volunteers' time here should be a pleasant and beneficial experience to both. The experience should help the growth of the volunteer as well as the organisation.

Some of the opportunities always available (but not limited to) are:
  1. Volunteering with Child-in-News analysis: CRT analyses children's issues covered in various newspapers and this is circulated to a mailing list of people from the government, NGOs, legislators, media, and those interested in children's issues. A blog also needs to be updated on this periodically. ( Volunteers can assist with updating this blog (can be done from home/office). We are also open to partnering with universities or students to be involved in this initiative.
  2. Report/Proposal writing (in English): This is a wonderful opportunity for those fluent in English, to put your skills to immense use. The proposals could be study proposals to government departments/donors/commission. Reports could be on workshops, issues related to children, seminars, government policy consultations etc. The process can also be beneficial from a knowledge point of view and understanding the reality of children's issues. Again, this can be done from the comfort of your homes/office.
  3. Arranging for training programs (Kannada and English) on Child Rights at your school/college/community/apartment/office. There is an urgent need for every single person to be sensitized to children's needs and issues and you can help us reach more people.
  4. Updating CRT blog: Help us communicate the work happening in CRT by assisting to update our blog.
  5. CRT website: If you are technologically savvy, you can help us with designing, content writing and building our own website.
  6. Contact us if you see any violation of child rights anywhere.
  7. Anything else: Feel free to look through our blog and activities and contact us if you are interested to be involved in anything.
What to expect: We are a small team of 13 members working on various projects and initiatives. Many of us are also constantly travelling on training assignments. While everyone is more than willing to guide and provide inputs, the volunteer/intern needs to be able to work independently.
We would also like to clarify that CRT does NOT work directly with children. Our work is mainly research, training and advocacy on child rights.

For any further queries/doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are also welcome to drop by at our office anytime!

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