Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Date: 4th July 2010 

Venue: AWTI, Byrathi Bande, Bangalore

Organized by: CCDC

Sessions/Agenda: Ice Breaker game, CRC presentation including history, issue-wise group discussion, child protection methods (1098, CWC, KSCPCR, CRT) including CR clubs and  Child Rights Special Grama Sabha.

Resource Person: Ms. Nagamani C.N.


A child rights workshop was conducted on Sunday, 4th July 2010 at Byrathi Bande, Bangalore for girl children. Around 82 children from classes 8 to 10 participated in the workshop.

This was the first child rights workshop for the participants. Hence, we covered the entire spectrum of child rights starting from its history.

Our aim was to ensure that most of the workshop was activity based to keep the children engaged. The children responded very well and the interaction levels were very encouraging.

The children were divided into 8 groups with each group having to present on one issue like Child Trafficking, Child Labour, Child Marriage, Discrimination, Child Begging, Corporal Punishment, Children and Government and Policy and Children.

Children were very creative in their presentations and many expressed their views on the topic through skits/plays. They touched upon the impact of these issues, relevant policies and also provided solutions.

The children appreciated the inputs provided on child rights. The girls especially liked the discussion on gender-based discrimination and found it enlightening.

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pratik said...

It is very comforting to know that people are making time to help the youth and take care of their rights.I found this NGO ( ) that is attempting to raise funds for children through plays highlighting social issues.