Monday, April 19, 2010


Dr. Shridi Prasad Tekoor with the participants in a small community hall on 'World Health Day'

A program was organized on the occasion of World Health day in Srirampuram on 7th April, 2010 between 2.00 pm to 5 .00 pm. The session was facilitated by Dr.Shridi Prasad Tekoor, a renowned paediatrist.

Participants: Children, SHG members, NGO representatives and the team of Radio Active and CRT.

Aim of the seminar: To discuss several health issues related to children in the community. The facilitator focused on issues such as intake of food by children, malnutrition, balanced diet, and the various factors that lead to good health of children such as the cleanliness in their respective houses, schools, community and the city.

The session was concluded by focusing on the importance of immunization, parenting skills, breast feeding and hygiene that has to be maintained in order to keep the family healthy.

Organizers: This was jointly organized and sponsored by Radio Active 90.4 F.M and Child Rights Trust. Observance of World Health Day was the first of a series of ten seminars to be organized by Radio Active and CRT.

Future Plans: Our future plan for the upcoming month is to organize the observance of Mother’s Day and Family day in which we have planned to focus on Parenting Skills and Child Rights sessions. 

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