Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two-Day Consultation on Child Marriage

The KCRO and Partners' Consultation on Child Marriage was held on November 6 -7, 2008, at Bijapur. NGOs from the seven Uttara Karnataka districts most affected by this problem attended in strength as did the students of the Mahila University. which collaborated in the event. Several presentations on various aspects of the issue held the rapt attention of all on the first day, while the second was mostly focussed on action plans for each of the districts involved. the working groups that drew up the plans were composed of officials from various departments at the district level, NGOs and some academics.

The day prior to the meeting began with field visits by the KCRO teams in both rural areas around Bijapur and in the slums of the town itself. Issues revealed during these visits were aired at the meeting. In the afternoon, drawing and elocution competitions on the subject of child marriage were held. There were a gratifying number of good entries. Moreover, the children enjoyed the competitions.

The Mahila University Social Work department expressed keen interest in following this initiative with focus on other aspects of child rights, especially those related to the problems of girl children.

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