Saturday, August 30, 2008

CRT-organised Campaign for child rights in manifestos and by voters, 2004

One lakh copies of this pamphlet, in both Kannada and English, were distributed all over Karnataka with the help of various NGOs to sensitise both voters and candidates to the needs of children during the 2004 National and State election. In this venture, CRT had the help of Campaign against Child Labour, Karnataka [CACL -K], Public Affairs Centre [PAC] and several NGOs.
The cost of the logo of the children holding the banner was borne by India Alliance for Child Rights [IACR]. It can be translated as:
'Stand for My Rights; Vote for My Rights'

Now the time has come for another national election, and CRT is plannning, funds permitting, to launch another campaign as before:
  • Lobby with all the parties in the state for inclusion of appropriate child-supportive promises in their respective manifestos.
  • Organise, with the help of local NGOs, face-to-face meets of children and concerned adults with candidates in all districts to place both macro and micro level demands from the Child Rights perspective.
  • Print and disseminate lakhs of similar handbills all over the state to voters on the eve of the election dates.
  • Use other media opportunities such as press conferences, radio and TV shows also.
  • Help organise meetings of local NGOs with elected representatives in different areas to discuss their specific plans to follow up on their and their party's promises.
  • Hold, with support of local NGOs, annual follow-up meetings to review progress and discuss further plans.

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