Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Input session to Karnataka State Legislatures' Forum for Child Rights

Statistics about children of Karnataka reveal that, both urban and rural kids are malnourished, cases of anemia and stunting are at high raise, contributing to increase in neonatal deaths, infant mortality, maternal mortality etc. 

 Understanding the seriousness to talk and draw the attention of GOK,  KCRO organised a input session/ meeting with Karnataka State Legislators' Forum for Child Rights members on 29th March, 2016. The meeting was focused particularity on Infant and Young Child Development/ nutrition(IYCD). 

Inputs on situation of young Children were shared by
  • Dr. Tara, Nutrition expert and KCRO (Nodal CRT) Advisory Board presented facts and figures pertaining to Young Children nutrition and health in Karnataka
  • CBPS representative will spoke about budgetary implication on child nutrition.
  • Dr. Lakshmi Bhavani, Nutrition Expert,  Unicef briefed about the best food practices prevailing in southern states and Invited forum members to visit the fields along with concerned officers
 Members of the forum opined that the issues/ facts shared by the experts are alarming and need immediate attention to solve the health related issues pertaining to Children. And these issues should be addressed by the concerned department like DWCD and Ministry of Health.
 In this regard the forum members assured that they would assist KCRO to rope in the concerned departments for further discussions on Infant and Young Child Development


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